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Aarya Softex empowers farming experts with advanced technology, allowing for seamless remote monitoring and control of farms. Our innovative system enables effortless oversight and management of farm operations, including equipment control and manual intervention to override automation. Our knowledgeable support team is readily available to assist in configuring and monitoring your farms. With the convenience of remote access, you can even ensure system shutdowns remotely, in case you forget to do so before leaving your farm. Experience the immense power that Aarya Softex brings to your fingertips.


Automate you entire farm monitoring & Controls


Protect your corp from


Grow and Harvest your yield faster and increase revenues

Our integrated platform includes all sensors and controls. The farm can choose sensors and functions.

Traditional or greenhouse farming requires active and constant monitoring these days. Any deviation in soil potential hydrogen (pH), moisture, or farm relative humidity can lead to a drop in produce quality and quantity. The best sensors and controls in the industry to provide you with an integrated monitoring and control solution with a cloud-enabled dashboard. Our feature-rich dashboard includes real-time monitoring and notifications, SMS alerts, historical logs, automation, and more, as well as a unique Farm Score feature.


Operate with Mobile

Farm Automation

Auto Pump/Drip Control

Farma Co2 Levels

Water Flow Rate

Auto Fogger/Sprayer Control

Temperature & Humidity Control

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