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Project Managers

Looking for a dependable and educated design director to lead your design to success? Look no farther! Our platoon of design directors has a proven track record of delivering successful systems for businesses across colorful diligence. They’ve the moxie and chops to manage systems of different sizes and complications, from launch to finish. Our design directors have experience working with a variety of diligence, including eCommerce, healthcare, finance, and more, and are complete in using design operation tools similar as Jira, Trello, Asana, and more. Whether you need a devoted design director for a specific design, or a platoon of design directors for ongoing support, we’ve the coffers you need to insure the success of your design.


Services We Offer

Project planning and management

Resource management

Budget management

Quality management

Status reporting


Key Benefits

Experienced and skilled project managers

Proven track record of delivering successful projects

Creative Problem Solving

On-time delivery

Ongoing support and maintenance

Our Developer Hiring Model

At Aarya Softex, we understand that every project comes with its unique requirements. That’s why our flexible hiring models are designed to connect you with skilled individuals who can adapt and grow alongside your organization. When you’re facing a crucial project with a strict deadline, it’s essential to have someone who can seamlessly step in and deliver results promptly. Trust us to find the right candidate who can get things done efficiently.

Part-Time Model

Ideal for those who often require developers on an urgent basis, but not every month.

No hidden fees
Low Cost
40 – 80 Hours per Month
(2 – 4 hours each business day)

Full-Time Team Model

The idealize arrangement for businesses that require designers each month.

Dedicated development
Managed via project manager
160 hours per month
8 hours/Business day

Fixed Price Model

Perfect for enlisting engineers for a particular venture. It permits you to contract a custom group custom fitted for your project-specific needs.

  • Fixed price per project.
  • Only available for large projects.
  • Payments in milestones/weekly.



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